YTSAB Defence



Yguard is a reliable and handy baton with ability of shooting non-lethal bullets at desirable power.

It’s an incredibly versatile and robust security system, proves to be exceptionally well-suited for the esteemed profession of both police officers and security guards due to its extensive array of defensive mechanisms. This cutting-edge technology equips these guardians of safety with the invaluable ability to employ a multitude of protective strategies and actively safeguard the welfare of individuals, property, and communities alike.


  • It can shoot a non-lethal projectile which knocks down the suspect for arresting
  • It can measure the distance to the suspect and adjust the power automatically according to the distance
  • It has an integrated GPS modules which lets the administrations to follow each baton in real time or even disable it.
  • The laser pointer makes the aiming easier and very accurate
  • Accidental shootings are not possible due to security features.
  • It should be activated by a fingerprint or RF ID every day (or any desired time)
  • Hard anodized aluminum shell which gives it a great durability
  • It can be integrated with a stun gun at the front.
  • It could be used as a normal baton and at any condition.
  • Very comfortable design for the users.
  • Charging is required once a month.

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